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A Big Thank You! To Everyone!

You guys are the best! Thanks for reading my stories, commenting on them, favoriting them, and telling me I describe stuff well haha!

Now, shoutouts to my best buds on this site. We've really had some good times and laughs over the months! I apologize for being a crazy person!

:iconaerial-rave: :iconslash-pseudo: :iconmrcandyman007: :icondarkfox223: :iconevilyoda2: :iconbrokenbrow: :iconthiel-kun: :iconnemesiszeru: :icontherealfake: :iconborin23: :icondreambuilding: :iconyahtzey: :iconnewportzman61: :iconrippleinapond: :iconscarletspiderkid: :iconemma-hime:

Finally, a shoutout to an amazing artist. MorningPanda draws incredible fat women (and other things for that matter), his prices are a huge deal, and he works at lightning speed. Please visit him!



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A Few of My Many OC's!

This is Death, the hero of my "It Makes You Fat Series." This drawing (and the others) were created by the amazing :iconmorningpanda:.
In short, Death is a pacifist-minded dude with very dorky interests such as robot mechas and board games.

Kunai Huckleberry's male form is on the left, his female form is on the right after drinking a potion.

Professor Narcissus, my fat Roserade OC. Narcy eats too many pokepuffs as you can see. The pokétrap is also a very moody person. But he's not as cranky after a morning cup of coffee.


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Yeah, I like fat girls and Pikachu...mother clucker

Welcome to my page! Looking for WG stories? Check the Gallery. It's very organized for easy browsing!

UPDATE: Very old/incomplete things can be found in Scraps. However, a few niche works are in there as well.

I'm the insane writer in the bunch when it comes to Weight Gain. Many of my stories are in the fantasy/sci-fi genre and have fattening elements. My works are usually far from realistic because they involve things such as aliens, demons, midget grim reapers, dragons, magic, superheroes, pirates, ninjas, catgirls, traps, zombies, elfs, wizards, space marines, cyborgs, etc.

Unlike many of the Weight Gain stories you'll find on devArt, mine are usually plot focused and contain fanservice. Basically, they're written like an action anime with a heavy dose of ecchi content.

The Facts:
Commission Policy!
Story Price: $12
Schedule: Note me so I can put aside a date to write your story.
Money is due after the commission is completed.

The word "Good" is pretty subjective, especially when it comes to writing. So I kept a poll on my page for about a year asking random deviants (those who were into the Weight Gain Fetish) what they thought of my work.
I'll skip the statistics math and tell you that I average an 85% (85.91 to be exact). So if I drew fat girls instead of writing about them, on average, I'd produce drawings that most would consider...

Anyway, below are a sample of my works. You should take a look and see if you like my style or not. I'm sorry if I sound arrogant or anything, but I want you to know upfront what you're probably go

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So I was thinking of giving you guys a choice in the next Chapter of Red Robot: Ruby's Revenge. You're basically gonna meet a boss character and in order to progress you can either feed her or fight her. ^__^

The catch is...
I feel like giving Red a Taco Beam...
That supplies an infinite amount of...

In the maple kingdom, every woman is extremely busty!
19 deviants said Hooray!
3 deviants said Nooooo!
3 deviants said Red Robot is lucky ;_;
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
While standing behind the bar counter, Hailey Maclintock puts a hand on her hip while chugging a bottle of Budweiser. The lass has a wrecking ball of belly flab hanging over the belt of her jeans, and her blue shirt is two sizes too small. The fabric barely covers the navel of that monstrous gut of hers.

After downing the bottle, Hailey slams the glass on the bar top. The redhead smirks, and wipes her sweat soaked brow. “Ha! I ain’t going to your gym, M-Mark.” Hailey says, breath foul and words slurring a bit. “You know I hate sweatin’ like a pig.”

The bartender turns around, showcasing a massive set of hips—and the two boulders of fat called her ass. Hailey then walks over to the display fridge beside a Steelers poster and other football memorabilia. She opens the door and then looks over her shoulder. “Hey hot stuff, you drinking anymore? Or am I going solo?”

After a quick swig of whiskey, Mark slams his shot glass on the table. The fitness trainer takes a look at Hailey’s ass, and then smirks at her while rubbing his chin. “Nah Hailey, I ain’t drinking anymore. But you don’t have to be solo tonight…” His blue eyes gaze at her like a playboy. “If you catch my drift.”

He wasn’t a tobacco man himself, but Mark reaches into the pocket of his jacket and pulls out a lighter. From the other, he reveals a pack of Newports.  “Noticed you like sticks. Want a freebie?”

She turns to face him, and Mark’s now staring at her melon sized tits.

Hailey smirks with interest. Caramel skin, flawless face, and sculpted like Michelangelo’s David? She could definitely overlook the fact that Mark was a smidge shorter.

 “If you give me one, I’m gonna want yours, handsome.” Hailey replies. She then licks her lips.

The twenty-seven year old cups her breasts in front of the sole guest in her bar. “I hope you have nothing against mamas though, Slim.” Hailey says, flirting with her eyes. “I know fellas like my huge tits, but the deal falls through when I tell ’em I pushed a brat outta me.”

Mark smirks. “I don’t discriminate, babe. Never have. Never will.” He then offers her a lit cigarette. “The reason I wanted to you at my gym was because I wanted to fuck ya on the equipment. I’m kinky like that.”

Hailey takes the cig and puts a hand on her hip, she chuckles with approval.  “I’ll go to your gym for a workout like that.” She says. “Lemme close up shop and we can hit the road.”

“Bring this with you.” Mark says, lifting a tattered policeman hat off the bar. “I won’t ask you to put on the getup you had on earlier. But it’s Halloween. I gotta do someone wearing at least 1/4th of a costume.”

Hailey smirks. “I can put on the rest of my outfit, Slim. Feel like screwing Blues?” She then puts the cigarette in her mouth.

Seconds later, the lass blows out a small cloud of nicotine. Hailey’s mouth curls into a very impressed smile.

“Now you know how to treat a lady,” She says. “This is the seasonal flavored stuff, ain’t it? A cig like this is worth five or six normal ones.”
Mark laughs. “Yes Ma’am. Oh and who the heck is Blues by the way?”

“I take it you aren’t from Pittsburgh, sugar?” Hailey asks, resting a hand on her hip.

“Just moved here, doll.” Mark says. “My new home is out in the suburbs near Myersville. I used to manage a few L.A. Fitnesses in Baltimore. But the higher-ups wanted me to run the new mega complex they built near PNC Park.
Hailey smiles in a devious manner, and then rubs her chin. “Well, Mr. Successful. There once was this state trooper in the 70’s whose son got nailed by a car on Halloween.” She says. “The guy became obsessed with trying to find the culprit. But the sole witness could only give him the color of the car, which was blue. Are ya scared yet? ”

“Shaking in my boots.” Mark says, followed by a grin.

“So after a few years of searching, this fella gave up and started a new hobby.” Hailey says, lifting her cigarette. “In the dead of night, he would pull over blue cars that were speeding.”

“Keep going.” Mark says, cracking a bigger smile.

 “When he caught a vehicle, Blues would always arrest one person.” Hailey continues. “Then he’d take that sucker to his torture house near the woods of Coal Hill. But when they caught the psycho, the cops learned he killed 20 people. Legend says that bastard and his car still haunt the roads of Pittsburgh at night.”

Mark lifts his fist. “Alright Hailey, go hurry up and close. If we’re lucky, we’ll be able to meet this Blues guy on the way to the gym.”

All of a sudden, a young man storms through the doors of Hailey’s sports bar. He looks to be thirty, and the fellow is dressed in business casual. Jason Dempsey has cold glare on his face, and appears as if he’s going to murder someone. He walks up to the bar and slams one hand on the table.

“We need to talk, now.

Hailey sighs, and smacks her palm against her forehead. “Geez Dempsey, what the fuck do you want? It’s nearly 1AM.”

“It’s about our daughter and it’s private.” Jason replies, trying to keep his composure. “Tell your buddy to go on home.”

“Is Allison sick? She injured? Is my baby in the hospital?” Hailey asks, scowling as she folds her arms in annoyance.

“No. She’s not.” Jason says, glaring at his former wife.

“Then I don’t see why ya can’t wait until tomorrow to start a shit storm about getting joint custody.” Hailey answers, jabbing her finger at the man. “Oh and the answer is no, Dempsey. The kid lives with me and her ass better be back at my place by 3pm. You know what the court said.”

While things heat up, Mark writes his number down on a receipt. “Hailey, I’m free whenever you are.” He says. “Send me a text or call whenever you get the chance.”

The fitness guru stands up, but Hailey bends over the bar and kisses him on the cheek.  Afterwards, the lass caresses his face and bats her eyelashes. “You’ll be getting my treats very soon, Slim.” The woman presses her gigantic tits against his chest. “See ya, handsome.”

Jason turns away and checks his watch. He didn’t care what Maclintock did anymore. The man had a better life now.

Thirty minutes later.

“You’re a fucking liar or you’re the worst mother on the goddamn planet!” Jason says, slamming his fist on the bar. “Allison didn’t get those marks on her arm from touching the damn stove." How many times did you hit her with that belt, Hailey? How many fucking times?” Jason demands, jabbing his finger at her.

“Y-You may let her talk back to you, Dempsey.” Hailey says, cheeks flushed and face covered in sweat. But I’m not letting her speak to me as if I was one of her school friends.”  The woman pours herself another shot of Jägermeister.

“How in the flying fuck did I not win custody against a drunk like you?”  Jason asks, slapping his palm against his forehead. “I have a good house, great schools are nearby, I’m—”

Hailey bangs her empty glass on the counter. The woman is red faced and looks as if she’s about to blackout. “Cause I’m her mom, dumbass.” Hailey says, looking up and glaring at Jason. However, she bends over and starts dry heaving.

Jason growls while pointing at the door of Hailey’s restaurant. “Get to my fucking car. You’re staying at my place tonight.”

Dempsey scowls, and veins are popping out of his forehead. “I’d rather Allison grow up with a crapsack mother than without a mother. You’re not dying on my watch from alcohol poisoning. ”

Jason reaches into his pockets and pulls out a lone cigarette and a lighter. He flares up and puts the stick near his mouth. “I was off this shit for a month, Hailey.” He says. “Thanks for everything, really fucking appreciate it.”

1 hour later

“You are now entering Cecil Township,” says the GPS.

Hailey’s eyelids droop while staring at the glove compartment of the Prius. “Y-You hired a babysitter right?” She asks, speech slurred. Maclintock then turns her head to Jason. “You aren’t fucking stupid enough. To leave Ally alone...right?”

Jason says nothing. His eyes are fixated on the dark, twisted road ahead. The rain was heavy, and he knew the college kids were partying tonight. Those drunk shitheads could be zooming around any corner, eager for an accident. Dempsey’s hands are damp with sweat, and he’s clenching the wheel like a stress toy. The man’s foot is ready to slam the break on any animal that leaps out from the woods.

“Keep your head over the damn bucket.” He says. “I don’t want your vomit anywhere on my upholstery.”

“T-Tell me if my daughter is alone, Dempsey.”

“Of course not, I’m not a bad parent like you.”

“Who’s babysitting?”


“Bloody fucking shit. And you’re calling me a bad parent?” Hailey says, slamming her fist on top of the glove box. “Fuck you, Jason. I don’t want that big tittied nun brainwashing my kid!”

“How many times do I have to tell you that Christina’s not a nun?” Jason says with a scowl. “She’s a kind respectful, Christian woman.” He adds. “And the best damn thing that’s walked into my life since we split.”

Jason grips the wheel harder. “Look, I know you hate the idea of God and I’m far from a good believer. But Jesus is good for Allison. Trust me.”

“Bullshit.” Hailey says, folding her arms against her chest.

The wail of a police siren fills the air, and Jason curses while looking into his rearview mirror. Dempsey spots red and blue lights flashing atop a beaten cop car. The vehicle was a sedan from the 1970’s, possibly a Dodge Monaco. Nonetheless, Jason knew what police vehicles looked like—and none of the cars had an appearance like this one. Also, where the heck did this thing come from? It wasn’t behind him for the last few miles.

“Pull the fuck over, Dempsey.” Hailey snaps, turning her head at him. “I’m not spending the night in jail with you while Allison is brainwashed by that nun.

“Ok, do you see that cop car?” He says, slowing down but not actually stopping. “Does it look like anything you’ve ever seen?”

Hailey looks into the passenger mirror and spots the automobile. She then sighs while smacking a palm against her forehead. “It’s Halloween, dumbass. The pigs get to use classic cars for busting house parties. Tiana told you this, remember?”

Jason curses while pulling over to the side of the road. “Can I ever catch a damn break?”

After stopping near the woods, Jason turns to Hailey. The man jabs her wrecking ball of belly flab with his finger, and causes her fat to wobble. “You’re pregnant, got it? You’re pregnant and drunk. I’m being a good friend and driving you to the emergency room. That’s our story if you want things to go smoothly.”

Hailey scowls at him. “Fine. But your dick is never gonna be inside me again, Dempsey. Let’s make that clear.”

“I’d rather stick it inside a garbage disposal.”

Jason then looks into the rearview mirror and watches as the door of the cop car swings open.


Out steps an emaciated man in state trooper attire. His rotting skin is the color of rust, and the thing has empty sockets for eyes. He walks towards Jason’s Prius at a hurried pace.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!??” Hailey screams.

Jason floors the gas. However, the creature behind him sprints back to his cop car.

“What the hell was that, Jason? Tell me what the fuck it was!” Hailey says, throttling his shoulder.

Jason doesn’t answer. He keeps his eyes on the road. Rain crashes like bullets against the windshield and he flicks the wipers to max. The speedometer inches up to 85 miles an hour. But then the roar of a horn bellows from behind. Jason clenches the wheel and bows his head.

“Lord God, please protect us n—“

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING??” Hailey says, nearly tearing her hair out. “OPEN YOUR EYES AND DRIVE!”

“Amen.” Jason says. He lifts his head and focuses on the road. The speedometer creeps to 100 miles an hour. Hailey is now sobbing in her palms, she can’t shake the eyeless creature from her thoughts.

The cop car grows closer, closer. No matter how fast Jason goes it always tails his bumper. Soon the police vehicle veers to the left side of the road. It drives up until its rear passenger door is aligned with Hailey’s.

The cop door swings opens and so does Maclintock’s. A strong wind tries to suck Hailey inside Blues’ backseat.

“JASON!” Hailey begs, seatbelt about to snap from the vortex.

“Hold on to my headrest! Don’t let go! Don’t let—”

Hailey screams as she is vacuumed into Blues’ vehicle. When she’s inside, both doors slam shut. The cop car speeds up and passes Jason’s Prius. It shifts lanes so that Dempsey was now the one tailing. While staring at him, Hailey bangs her palms against the rear window. She cries out his name. Jason floors the gas pedal as hard as he can. But the police car speeds up like a train out of hell. Its sirens wail while disappearing into the torrent of rain.

“You are now entering Cecil Township,” says the GPS.


Beads of sweat stream down Jason’s face, he needed a cigarette. His hand is shakes while holding the cellphone to his ear. “O-Officer I need to report an abduction.”

“Location please,” says a female voice.

“C-Cecil Township, Route 50. I’m about a mile away from the ‘Welcome to’ sign. My GPS says the Thompson Dairy Farm is about three miles down the road. And—”

“Sir, I’m going to need you to slow down and relax. Now once again, tell me where you are.”

Jason takes a long, deep breath. “Cecil Township, Route 50. I’m three miles from the Thompson Dairy Farm.”

“Now sir, tell me what happened.”

Jason remains silent for a few seconds. She’d laugh him off if he said that Hailey was abducted by a zombie in a police car.

“Hailey Maclintock was abducted by someone impersonating a state trooper. He was skinny, about 5’8, and drove one of the old police cruisers that are now out of commission. The plate of the abduction vehicle is PAXR8S—”

Jason hears chuckling on the other side of the phone.

He then hears the girl telling someone to cancel the squad. 

“I read Creepypastas too, Sir.” The operator says. “I know all about Blues’ license plate. Happy Halloween, and don’t call here again without a real emergency. Goodbye.”
The Saturday Night Blues (BBW/Suspense)
I feel like this is a lot more drama and suspense than horror, but I put a good effort into it. 
Originally I was going to do something with a serial killer but I decided to invert the cliche a bit.
Happy Halloween!
Thanks for commenting on my work, guys. ^__^
It really goes a long way in motivating me to write stories!

Agent Reader, I need your help in acquiring pics for my stories!

Like my writing? Have a dollar to spare? Consider helping me out a bit lol. To donate just click the button between Rotom-Oven and Rotom-Refrigerator...two pokémon that like fatties.



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