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Apr 25, 2015
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TABLE OF CONTENTS (Click on the story folder you want to go to)


You guys are the best! Thanks for reading my stories, commenting on them, favoriting them, and telling me I describe stuff well haha!

Now, shoutouts to my best buds on this site. We've really had some good times and laughs over the months! I apologize for being a crazy person!

:iconaerial-rave: :iconslash-pseudo: :iconmrcandyman007: :icondarkfox223: :iconevilyoda2: :iconsuper-pillow: :iconthiel-kun: :iconnemesiszeru: :icontherealfake: :iconborin23: :icondreambuilding: :iconyahtzey: :iconnewportzman61: :iconrippleinapond:
:iconscarletspiderkid: :iconemmaessence: :iconcaloriechap: :iconcrazygameguy: :iconderpaggedon: :iconcdsoundtrack: :iconkeirakain:

Finally, a shoutout to an amazing artist. MorningPanda draws incredible fat women (and other things for that matter), his prices are a huge deal, and he works at lightning speed. Please visit him!

A few other OCs (Besides Red Robot!)

This is Pandora Poltergeist! She's one of the leading ladies (and Red's main Girlfriend) in The Legend of Super Red Robot X

This is Professor Narcissus, my Roserade OC by the amazing MorningPanda ^__^He eats too many pokepuffs as you can see. Yes, Narcy is a boy and is a trap!

Geolith Pandora is Pandora's Super Form.


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United States
Realism? Is that some sort of spaghetti sauce? If you're looking for Realistic Weight Gain Stories about everyday people doing everyday things then you're on the wrong page.

I'm the insane writer in the bunch when it comes to Weight Gain. Many of my stories are in the fantasy/sci-fi genre and have fattening elements.

And yes, that is Red Robot in my profile pic! He was drawn (along with many of my OCs) by MorningPanda

The Facts:
:iconrequestfriendsonly: :icongiftsfriendsonly: :iconcommissionsask: :icontradesask: :iconnopointcommissions:


- The thing about a visual picture is that you can assess the quality of it in a matter of seconds (something you can't do with a literature submission). Reading takes time and effort, and that naturally means less people are going to do it. If you want to support me, but don't feel like reading a story, please favorite a few recent pieces in my gallery and help me get exposure.
Herculean Beetle 
Character: Linnaea
- So in the story where I had Linnaea rescue Red from a kingdom of evil insects. She had to battle a guy who looked similar to the picture below. Beetle is immune to all "Grass Attacks" (Geez, look at this hulk. You think some puny vines, spores, and Energy Orbs can dent him?). According to Linnaea, Beetle looks like he can "handle a big girl in bed." (So weight based attacks such as Bulldozer and Giga Slam won't affect him). To beat the Herculean Beetle, Linnaea needs to soak the titan in water and then zap him using a thunder gauntlet. 

Sitis Rex (Drought King in Latin)
Character: Queen Alexandria (Giant Form aka Boobyfishzilla)

"You will not destroy this world, Sitis. It belongs to me." - Alexandria.

- Long ago, Alexandria the Great almost conquered half of Maple World. The Aquarian Empire was unrivaled in naval power and was also a mighty force on land. However, Alex decided he wanted to summon a creature that would expand the sea ...*cough* Kyogre knock-off *cough* and he brought this monster into existence instead. Sitis is basically a titan that turns everything into arid wasteland. The Rex can also cause the sea to evaporate as well.

Do you like that 90% of the women in RRX (+ Alexandria and Kunai) have stupidly huge boobs? 

12 deviants said Yes, I love me some stupidly huge boobs. (add more busty babez)
7 deviants said You should introduce some less-endowed characters for balance.

What I hope to do (because I'm really busy at my new job).

- Continue Vacation lol.
- Finish outlining the plan for Nexis89 collab

- Release a story.
- Write the Second Half of Red Robot Episode 11

I'll probably be able to get out a few stories. But my productivity won't be near the levels I was having over the last few months. This list is the bare minimum of what I want to get done.



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So, I'm idily considering writng a oneshot where Crimson Cavaliera and Annassa end up meeting. I imagine Crimson would be rather...angry(being religious herself, while Annassa renounced the gods, calling them useless), but I'm not really sure what she'd do about it, y'know? So I have an argument on religion that doesn't quite go anywhere at the moment. x3

Anything spring to mind? Trying to figure out how angry she'd be, on a scale of 'meh' to 'BURN THE HERETIC'. =3
Derpaggedon Featured By Owner 22 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
Hey Cokey, whatever happened to your fancy journal skins? You didn't lose your premium membership or anything, so I'm curious as to why you stopped using them.
COKE-ZER0 Featured By Owner 20 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
Oh I forgot to turn them on again XD. I'll start doing it again for the next one, pal!
NemesisZeru Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Welp, I finally did it! The first part of the Four Swords stuff is up. =3
NemesisZeru Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Nanase really disliking Titanwear is becoming a recurring gag, haha. Pandora uses it to mess with her in Pandora's Revenge! ;3

Hopefully it isn't too similar to that collab we were conidering, though! It's only a few lines and doesn't go into detail as to WHY so much, so it should be fin~ 
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