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Mega Sized Samus and Mega Pikachu

The cover of my story Mega Sized Samus and Mega Pikachu

Drawing done by :iconmorningpanda:


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Coke Tropes!

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing - For a dude who has a super kawaii smiley as his avatar...Coke's stories get really dark

Elf Ear Fetishist- Coke gives elf ears to everything. Aliens, Vampires, Robots...

Really Bad For Your Waistline - Coke's stories usually have hawt women getting a really big belly.

Armed and Dangerous - Coke's Trap characters are more feminine than most women.

Blasphemer - How dare Coke insert OC's into fan fiction!

Basketbreast Fan - The Standard Coke Woman has Basketball sized breasts.

Drama King - Coke's stories have more drama than a soap opera.

Entomologist - Coke has creepy crawly insects that make women fatter. Oh and Sentry...Yeah....

Provides Just Desserts - Coke usually has his girls get fat from eating sweets. Also, these same girls usually get fat as punishment for being wicked.

Reaches for the Skye - Coke seems to always kidnap Skye Kogan from :icontherealfake: when he's not looking.

Techno-Wizard - Coke writes both science fiction and fantasy.

Stayed for the Night, Gone in the Morning - Coke has a tendency to leave a great story incomplete.

Jiggle Physicist - The girls in Coke's stories jiggle...a lot.

Anchorman - Coke's female fatties usually don't end up being very mobile in the end.

Journalist - Coke writes a ton of journals.

Well-Balanced Character - Coke writes Fem WG, Non-WG Stories, and Trap WG stories.

My OC The Fabulously Fantastic Captain Kunai

Dude Looks Like A Lady.

Sketch by :iconjaypisces:


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United States
Welcome to my page! Please enjoy your visit! Looking for WG stories? Check the Gallery. It's very organized for easy browsing. ^__^


Writing isn't very popular on this site, so if you like something of mine, please comment or fav. You don't know how much I appreciate those things. ^__^

I tend to love weight gain stories with action/drama in them so the majority of my fiction has those traits.

In general, what's the quality of my writing on a serious WG oneshot? ^__^ 

33 deviants said 80 -89
17 deviants said 90 - 100
7 deviants said ;_;

More Pika + Fat sexy Samus? 

38 deviants said *Slowly Raises Hand*
10 deviants said Damn it Coke...stop making crack pairings have appeal!

How do you envision a story in your head when reading? 

33 deviants said The story plays out in the style of an anime/cartoon.
15 deviants said The story plays out in live-action.
4 deviants said Other.

Coke or Pepsi 

69 deviants said Coke ^__^
20 deviants said Pepsi. ;_;

Sci-fi or Fantasy 

39 deviants said Fantasy
30 deviants said Sci-fi
"Excuse me, sir. I hate to bother you, but umm....could you show me where 3rd class guests board the Titanic? Everyone is very tall, and I can't see the line from down here."

Name: Death the Second (Azrael)
Height: 4 feet (Normal Form) 
Work Attire: a dark hooded robe that kills any feelgood mood.
Casual Attire: Black hoodie (face concealed) and jeans. 

Occupation: Makes sure that everyone dies according to plan. Big Boss has a scheme that Death oversees, but Mister G is rather lenient. He allows Death four "vacation days" a month, where he is allowed to walk Earth (with limited power) and interfere in the world. This keeps the game interesting. During those days, Big Boss can only estimate the future to 95% accuracy, 

Background: Death the First decided to rebel against his superior. But since that dude could only be killed with a certain made things really complicated. So Big Boss decided that Death the Second would be drastically weaker, and have an easily exploitable weakness. Is Death #1 still out there? Only the boss knows.

Speed: Death #2 is really fast. In fact, only a few people in history have been able to outrun him.
Strength: Ranks as a "Limp Noodle" in the Test Your Strength Game (Supernatural Version). Can't really lift a fatty over 300 pounds.
Fighting Ability: Easily one the best knife fighters of all time. But as per the The Rules of Death...

"Personal Weapons are only allowed to be used twice a month."

As such, Death usually carries a heavy scythe that is meant for someone 4 feet taller than him.

Major Weaknesses 

- Alcohol (Bones start to petrify if touching the liquid for more than a few seconds). If Death turns to stone he's immobile unless splashed with water.
- Can be erased from existence by Death's Scythe - a weapon capable of killing anything.
- The Boss.

Other Weaknesses:

Becomes frustrated at Putt Putt Golfing.
Can't speak in a deep and ominous voice like Death #1. #2 isn't scary either.
Never learned how to ride a Bike.
Easily susceptible to Chicken Pox if he doesn't wear a hat outside during winter.
Thinks Citizen Kane and Mr.Smith Goes to Washington are the best movies ever made.
Can't blow a bubble with bubblegum.
Too short to go on most Roller Coasters at the Amusement Park.
Classical Music dating between 1400 and 1600.
Slower than the average person when it comes to tying shoelaces.
Horrible at writing and speaking Japanese. (Excellent at English and Latin though)
Easily identifiable when wearing a non-hoodie disguise.
Is allergic to poison ivy.
Bad liar.
Vomits after watching someone else vomit.
Doesn't own a computer.
Doesn't own a cellphone, so the best way to contact him is through home phone.

Non-combative strengths:
Death is a really good bartender. He knows everything there is to know about alcohol (and can tell any type by smell *hint hint wink wink*)
Friendly and Easy to talk to.
Impressive knowledge about English and medieval literature.
Immune to suffocation.
Fluent in all languages (besides Japanese).
Is immune to most forms of ecchi female seduction.
Popular with the big beautiful ladies (and femboys) but oblivious to it (just like the typical male protag in a harem anime)
Really good cook.
Impossible to tell if he's sleeping or not.
Perfect teeth from brushing twice a day.
He has a new car smell.

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Hey Coke, what do you think of my new avatar?
Coke we are starting to miss you you haven't said anything in weeks!

Coke I would like to commission a story but have no money so I am going to post the idea here would you write a weight gain story bases on samus aran from metroid with the concept of a stealthy story where she has down time and is fattened by adam malkovich behind her back? Its just an idea for you consideration, Thanks coke.

Slash-Pseudo Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Merry Birthmas Pepsi-Man :iconslowpokeplz:
Happy Birthday, have a badge, and my guilt, but mostly my friendship.
COKE-ZER0 Jan 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank You! ^__^
You're welcome, hope you enjoyed your birthday, and I hope you get more free time.
Happy birthday coke

COKE-ZER0 Jan 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank's buddy!
Aerial-Rave Jan 21, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Happy Bert-day and all that jazz!
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